The Making Of | Charlotte Ama


After 24 years experience working with the homeless and disabled, Charlotte Ama now manages the James Liston Hostel in Auckland – one of the biggest emergency housing providers for men and women in New Zealand. She’ll be telling her story at Broad-ly Auckland on June 19 – but until then, we asked her to share three things that have helped to shape her into the woman she is.

Influential Movie: Bad Boy Bubby


“Bad Boy Bubby an Australian film that explores the idea that a person reflects the environment they live in – it speaks to the deprivation one may face in life. For me, it’s a powerful reminder that people can only know what they have been taught.”

Influential Artwork: The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci 

last sup.jpg

“There are so many versions of this painting, but in all of them I find we see the same kinds of characters depicted. I see this painting as expressing the many different characters that we come across in every day life.”

Influential Podcast: Rackets Podcast, Dame Catherine Healy – Decriminalized Prostitution in New Zealand

dame c.jpg

“I am a strong supporter of the New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective – they have done some amazing work taking a stance against stigma and discrimination in our country. Their long hard struggle to decriminalize prostitution in NZ has been inspiring, and I respect that.”