The Making Of | Pip Mayne

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Pip Mayne is Head of Content Production at FCB, and in June 2018 was forced to front up to a frightening Breast Cancer diagnosis. Never one to be defeated, she’ll be telling her story at Broad-ly Auckland on June 19 – but until then, we asked her to share three things that have helped to shape her into the woman she is.

Influential Artwork: Piko nei te matenga, 2001 by Michael Parakowhai.

Michael Parakowhai.png

“I adore Michael Parakowhai’s artwork. I bought this with my husband from Michael Lett Gallery when we got married over 15 years ago.  It’s part of a series called All There Is/The Consolation of Philosophy. It hangs at the end of our hallway, and for some reason reminds me of my family who have passed on. Every morning I get up and see it, and it makes me happy.”

Influential Album: Rumours, Fleetwood Mac

“There are so many songs on this album that came along with me in the 80s –they remind me of being with my mates at the beach, smoking fags and telling lies and thinking we were invincible. The song Gypsy – which also came along at this time – makes me feel like dancing around a fire. I am also mad about a whole lot of Kate Bush and Dolly Parton songs. Too many to name!”

Influential Podcast: Teacher’s Pet

My Walk.jpeg

“I have just discovered the joy of Podcasts! I finished Teachers Pet about a month ago and loved it. Now I’m wondering how I was so late to the podcast phenomenon?! Every morning I go for a walk as the sun comes up – watching the day break means another day I’m above ground, and I’m grateful for that. It’s a joy to spend my walk listening to these brilliant stories.”