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Dr Samantha Bailey

Doctor and founder of SwiftMed

Samantha Bailey is a New Zealand­ trained doctor who has become a medical entrepreneur with founding New Zealand's first nationwide online doctor and prescription service called SwiftMed.

She founded the company after working at an after-hours GP clinic in Christchurch, New Zealand. During a busy shift, Dr Bailey saw a woman who had been sitting in the waiting room for three hours. The woman’s problem was resolved in less than five minutes. She never complained about how long it took to see a doctor and Dr Bailey was taken aback when the woman simply said, “This is the status quo.” Dr Bailey felt compelled to revolutionise the way people see doctors in New Zealand and SwiftMed was born.

SwiftMed's dream is to make healthcare more simple, accessible and affordable. Dr Bailey feels it is time for a new status quo: “I passionately believe that this is the future of medicine”.