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Pip Mayne

Content Producer and ‘Breast Cancer Slayer’

Pip Mayne has been Head of Content Production at advertising agency FCB since 2012. Last year she was part of the team that produced the much awarded work for – a story encouraging kids to make the right decision about bullying. Her other much-loved work also includes the Pre Testie Bestie online campaign, encouraging women to stop drinking alcohol if there is a chance they could be pregnant.  

Pip believes this is some of her best work, and it was all produced whilst she navigated the absolute chaos of a Breast Cancer diagnosis in mid June 2018 – a journey that resulted in  7 rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy in Dec and then 13 rounds of Herceptin earlier this year.

Pip used social media to blast her journey to the public, speaking out to raise awareness around early detection. Despite many scary moments, Pip is adamant she’s a better person for what she’s been through – and we can’t wait to hear her share her story.