Kolokesa Uafā Māhina-Tuai

Co–Founder, Lagi–Maama

Kolokesa is the co-founder of cultural organisation Lagi–Maama. Along with Barbara Makuati-Afitu she works across different spaces to champion communities; thinking critically about how to genuinely and inclusively make Aotearoa New Zealand the diverse nation it claims to be.

Kolokesa has a background in Art History, Social Anthropology and Museums and Heritage Studies, along with a foundation of Tongan Indigenous knowledge and practices. This knowledge base informs her holistic understanding and appreciation of Moana Oceania arts and artists, which she expresses through curatorial practice, arts advocacy and activism, and writing projects.

Kolokesa has recently joined the Arts Foundation as Arts Liaison Co–Lead, and we’re more than a little stoked to have her and Barbara share their story with us on our Broad-ly Stage.