Trevor Hone


Trevor Hone is a builder who started his career as a band manager, a time he describes as extremely unsuccessful but very good fun, noting that no one has ever heard of any of the bands he managed, which is why he ended up as a builder.

After a stint as an FX broker in the City of London (Italian Lira specialist if you were wondering) he started redeveloping old houses and selling them on.

In 2001 he and his wife Dr Lucy Hone moved to New Zealand for a six-month break to have their third child, and never left. After building their house in Sumner, he became an Architectural house builder in 2003, now employs 13 people, and has a portfolio of award-winning builds.

Giving back is important to Trevor, who was a junior coach at Sumner Rugby Club for nigh-on a decade, and is a Pillars Mentor. He’ll be talking about when shit happens, sharing his life outlook and fundamental strategy to cope with every day and life-changing crap.